We follow semantic versioning and PEP-0440 release numbering practices.

Invenio v3.x


Invenio v3.0 will be released when the Invenio code base is fully split into a set of standalone independent Python packages.

Invenio v2.x


Invenio v2.x code base is a hybrid architecture that uses Flask web development framework combined with Invenio v1.x framework.


The 2.x code base is not suitable for production systems, and will not receive any further development nor security fixes.

Released versions include:

Invenio v2.1:

Invenio v2.0:

Invenio v1.x


Invenio v1.x code base is suitable for stable production. It uses legacy technology and custom web development framework.


Invenio v1.x is in feature freeze and will only receive important bug and security fixes.

Released versions include:

Invenio v1.2:

Invenio v1.1:

Invenio v1.0:

Invenio v0.x

Invenio v0.x code base was developed and used in production instances since 2002. The code base is interesting only for archaeological purposes.

Released versions include: