W6. Rebasing against latest git/master

At this step the new-feature-b code is working both for Atlantis and for CDS contexts. You should now check the official repo for any updates to catch any changes that may have been committed to origin/master in the meantime.

$ git checkout master
$ git pull

You can then rebase your new-feature-b branch against recent master.

$ git checkout new-feature-b
$ git rebase master

In case of conflicts during the rebase, say in file foo.py, you should resolve them.

$ vim foo.py
$ git add foo.py
$ git rebase --continue

or you can stop the rebase for good.

$ git rebase --abort

You may prefer rebasing of your local commits rather than merging, so that the project log looks nice. (No ugly empty merge commits, no unnecessary temporary versions.)

While rebasing, you may want to squash your commits together, to keep the git repo history clean. See section R4 below for more details.

You should test your code once more to verify that it was not broken by the updates.