8.2. Mailing lists

There are several Invenio-related mailing lists that you can subscribe to or read the archives of.

8.2.1. project-invenio-announce@cern.ch

Low-volume read-only moderated mailing list to announce new Invenio releases and other major news concerning the project. Every Invenio user is strongly encouraged to subscribe to this list.

8.2.2. project-invenio-general@cern.ch

Possibly high-volume mailing list, intended for discussion among users and administrators of Invenio instances.

8.2.3. project-invenio-devel@cern.ch

Possibly high-volume mailing list, intended for discussion among Invenio developers and hackers.

Note that all the mailing lists are also archived (as of the 20th of July, 2011) on The Mail Archive. As soon as possible we will upload there also all the previous historical archives.

8.2.4. github.com/inveniosoftware

Most of the developer communication is happening nowadays on GitHub, not on the mailing lists. You are stroungly encouraged to join https://github.com/orgs/inveniosoftware/teams/developers team and watch notifications from various https://github.com/inveniosoftware/ organisation repositories of interest.