2.3. UpgradesΒΆ

Invenio community is working hard on new features and fixing bugs that were found after release. While the upgrade can be a complex process at times, running the latest Invenio version has several benefits:

  • Bugs are fixed.
  • New features and improvements are added.
  • Upgrading soon after a new Invenio release is available makes all future upgrades less painful by keeping your code base always up to date.

The upgrades are fully automatised so that it is usually sufficient to do:

inveniomanage upgrader show pending
inveniomanage upgrader check
inveniomanage upgrader run

This will show the upgrade recipes which are to be run, check whether everything is alright, and perform the upgrade operations themselves. Note that the upgrade recipes may warn you about any further action that are necessary to execute manually.

Please refer to the invenio-upgrader module documentation for more details.