5.1. Base modules

The base modules provide interfaces to the base technology modules used by the Invenio package ecosystem.

5.1.3. invenio-admin

Invenio module that adds administration panel to the system.

5.2. Core feature modules

The core feature modules provide most common functionality that each digital library instance is likely interested in using, such as record store, search, deposit, or access control capabilities.

5.2.4. invenio-deposit

Module for depositing record metadata and uploading files.

5.2.11. invenio-pidstore

Invenio module that stores and registers persistent identifiers.

5.3. Additional feature modules

The additional feature modules offer additional functionality suitable for various particular use cases, such as the Integrated Library System, the Multimedia Store, or the Data Repository.

5.3.10. invenio-github

Invenio module that adds GitHub integration to the platform.

5.3.15. invenio-migrator

Utilities for migrating past Invenio versions to Invenio 3.0.

5.3.16. invenio-oaiharvester

Invenio module for OAI-PMH metadata harvesting between repositories.

5.3.24. invenio-tags

Invenio module for record tagging by authenticated users.

5.4. Standalone utilities

The standalone utilities developed for use in the Invenio ecysystem.

5.4.3. datacite

Python API wrapper for the DataCite Metadata Store API.

5.4.4. dcxml

Dublin Core XML generation from Python dictionaries.

5.4.5. dictdiffer

Dictdiffer is a library that helps you to diff and patch dictionaries.

5.4.6. dojson

DoJSON is a simple Pythonic JSON to JSON converter.

5.4.7. domapping

DoMapping generates Elasticsearch mappings from JSON Schemas.

5.4.9. flask-breadcrumbs

Flask-Breadcrumbs adds support for generating site breadcrumb navigation.

5.4.10. flask-celeryext

Flask-CeleryExt is a simple integration layer between Celery and Flask.

5.4.12. flask-iiif

Flask-IIIF extension provides easy IIIF API standard integration.

5.4.13. flask-menu

Flask-Menu is a Flask extension that adds support for generating menus.

5.4.16. flask-sso

Flask-SSO extension that eases Shibboleth authentication.

5.4.17. idutils

Small library for persistent identifiers used in scholarly communication.

5.4.18. intbitset

C-based extension implementing fast integer bit sets.

5.4.20. kwalitee

Kwalitee is a tool that runs static analysis checks on Git repository.

5.4.23. xrootdpyfs

XRootDPyFS is a PyFilesystem interface to XRootD.