7.1. Reporting

An issue in the morning
A feature request in the evening
What else?
   --after Ekon

7.1.1. Reporting principles

Have you encountered a bug or do you have a new feature request? Here are a few tips on our issue reporting practices.

  1. If it ain’t on GitHub, it does not exist. Please document every bug or every feature request on GitHub in respected repositories.
  1. Found security issue? Alert us privately. If you find a security issue that has a possible dangerous exploit, please alert us privately at <info@inveniosoftware.org>. This will allow us to distribute a security patch before potential attackers look at the issue.
  1. Check existing issues before submitting. Please check opened or closed issued before submitting. Somebody else might have had the same issue as you.
  1. Describe concrete steps how to reproduce a problem. Which version you used? What you did? What was the outcome? What you expected instead?
  1. Submit a use case. Submit a test case code. Please clarify the use case in mind with as much explicit detail as necessary. Other Invenio instances may have different implicit assumptions than you.
  1. Get involved! Comment and advise on other issues. Help the community and see your responsibilites widen.
  1. Join Invenio chat room. Sometimes a quick chat may be better than long GitHub issue.
  1. Watch notifications in interested repositories. Subscribe to GitHub notifications to stay up-to-date on what is going on.