Version 3.0.0

We are proud to announce the release of Invenio v3.0.0. Invenio has been completely rewritten from scratch with a radically improved architecture and technical implementation. Invenio 3 is now a framework, like a Swiss Army knife, complete with battle-tested, safe and secure modules providing all the features you need to build and run a trusted digital repository.

Whilst Invenio 3 is officially released to the world today, in reality it has already been relied upon in large-scale production systems for more than 1.5 years on sites such as:

Others sites are already in process of being built on Invenio 3:

  • INSPIRE HEP - an aggregator for High-Energy Physics.

  • WEKO3 - repository platform for 500+ Japanese universities.

What’s new

Invenio functionality is being released in bundles of modules. Invenio v3 contains the following bundles totaling more than 27 individual Invenio modules:

  • Base: the core application framework with e.g. distributed task queue support.

  • Auth: accounts management, role-based access control, OAuth 2.0 client and provider, user profiles management.

  • Metadata: record and persistent identifier management including indexing, querying and OAI-PMH server.

The following bundles are being prepared for release in v3.1:

  • Files: advanced file management with multi-backend support as well as IIIF Image API support.

  • Statistics: COUNTER-compliant statistics.

See our roadmap for further details.


Python compatibility

Invenio v3.0 supports Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6. We highly recommend only using the latest official release in each series.

Python 2.7 end-of-life is scheduled for April 2020. Invenio will only support Python 2.7 until that date. We highly recommend that all new projects are started latest available Python 3 version.

Elasticsearch compatibility

Invenio v3.0 supports Elasticsearch 2, 5 and 6.

Elasticsearch v2 has reached end-of-life (February 2018) and Invenio v3.0 is the last release to support Elasticsearch v2.

PostgreSQL compatibility

Invenio v3.0 supports PostgreSQL 9.4, 9.5 and 9.6. We have not yet tested Invenio v3.0 with PostgreSQL 10.

MySQL compatibility

Invenio v3.0 supports MySQL 5.6+.



Invenio v3.0’s current static assets management system is based on e.g. RequireJS will be replaced with Webpack. We expect this work to be ready for Invenio v3.1, and thus we are already deprecating the current support. Specifically this means that Invenio-Assets and Invenio-Theme will change significantly in Invenio v3.1. We would have liked to already have this ready for this v3.0 release, but unfortunately it was time-wise not possible.


Invenio v3.0 comes with one AngularJS 1.4 application (Invenio-Search-JS). AngularJS is by now already outdated, and we are planning a rewrite of the application in another JavaScript framework that is currently in process of being selected. Essentially this means that you should not extend Invenio-Search-JS at this point, since it will change significantly.

Maintenance policy

Invenio v3.0 will be supported with bug and security fixes until the release of Invenio v3.2 and minimum until 2019-06-07.

We aim at one Invenio release with new features every 6 months. We expect upgrades between minor versions (e.g. v3.1 to v3.2) to be fairly straight-forward as in most cases only new features are added.