Version 3.2.2

Released 2020-05-15

Invenio v3.2.2 fixes issues with incompatibilities with several libraries: - WTForms recently release has moved email_validator to an optional dependency. It has been added in the corresponding packages. - SQLAlchemy-Utils v0.36 breaks compatibility of Invenio models with MySQL. It enforces setting the length on type VARCHAR. - Sphinx v3.0+ breaks the build of documentation, due to a Flask context issue. - Flask is now provided as a centrally managed dependency from Invenio-Base.

Invenio v3.2.2 support Python version 3.5 and 3.6. Python 2 support in Invenio ended on January 1st, 2020 with the official end of life for Python 2 on the same date.

Example applications have started to be removed from the Invenio modules, and they are not supported anymore.

Maintenance policy

Invenio v3.2 will be supported with bug and security fixes until the release of Invenio v3.4 and minimum until 2020-12-20.

See our Maintenance Policy.