Upgrading from Invenio v3.2 to v3.3

If you have your instance of Invenio v3.2 already up and running and you would like to upgrade to version v3.3 you don’t need to set up your project from scratch. The goal of this guide is to show the steps to upgrade your project without losing any of your work.

Pipfile modifications

The most important changes that you will have to make are in Pipfile.

  1. Change the Invenio version:

invenio = { version = ">=3.3.0,<3.4.0", extras = ["base", "auth", "metadata", "files", "postgresql", "elasticsearch7" ]}
  1. Make sure that your database and Elasticsearch version matches your installation. In above example the database is postgresql and the Elasticsearch version is elasticsearch7.

  2. Remove the following line from Pipfile:

- lxml = ">=3.5.0,<4.2.6"
  marshmallow = ">=3.0.0,<4.0.0"
- SQLAlchemy-Utils = ">=0.33.1,<0.36"
  1. Install the new packages in Pipfile by running the following commands:

# Update Pipfile.lock
pipenv lock --dev

# Install packages specified in Pipfile.lock
pipenv sync --dev

# Install application code and entrypoints from 'setup.py'
pipenv run pip install -e .

# Build assets
pipenv run invenio collect -v
pipenv run invenio webpack buildall