Publish on GitHub

Now that we finished the development, we want to push the changes to GitHub.

Commit the code

To do so, we will first list our changes and add them to our local git repository:

(my-module-venv)$ git status
# shows all the files that have been modified
(my-module-venv)$ git add .
# adds all the modifications

Let’s test our changes before we publish them. See Run the tests for more information.

(my-module-venv)$ ./

If it complains about the manifest, it is because we added new files, but we didn’t register them into the file, so let’s do so:

(my-module-venv)$ check-manifest -u

Push the code

Once all the tests are passing, we can push our code. As we were developing on a branch created locally, we need to push the branch on GitHub:

(my-module-venv)$ git commit -am "New form, views and templates"
(my-module-venv)$ git push --set-upstream origin dev