Continue integration with TravisCI

This section will show you how to enable continue integration using the TravisCI service. Note, that you code must have been published on GitHub in order for this to work.

TravisCI allows to run the tests of your module in a test matrix with different Python versions, and different versions of dependent Python packages. This ensures that your module becomes more robust.


1. Create an account

We need first to create an account on


Add your github credentials to signup


2. Enable travis for your repo

Go to your account


Click to enable the repo you have created



Create a Pull Request (PR)

We want that our changes get merged into the main branch (master) of the repository. So, let’s go to the GitHub repository. From here, you can click on the branch button.


Then, click on New pull request


Now, you can check the differences that you will add to the main branch. Fill a description and create the pull request.

If TravisCI was correctly enabled, the pull request will now display a status check, that TravisCI is running the tests. If the tests pass, the status check will become green, if the tests fails it will become red. This way you’re always sure not to integrated code that breaks your tests.