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In the Invenio demo site example using ILS flavour, we have seen the invenio marc21 command that can load records directly from a MARCXML file.

You can use dojson to convert MARCXML format to its JSON representation:

$ dojson -i book.xml -l marcxml do marc21 \
    schema "" \
   > book.json
$ cat book.json | jq .
    "title_statement": {
      "title": "This is title",
      "__order__": [
    "main_entry_personal_name": {
      "personal_name": "Doe, John",
      "__order__": [
    "__order__": [
    "$schema": ""

You can load JSON records using the invenio records command:

$ cat book.json | invenio records create --pid-minter recid --pid-minter oaiid

The new record that we have just uploaded got the UUID efac2fc2-29af-40bb-a85e-77af0349c0fe that uniquely identifies it inside the Invenio record database. It was also minted persistent identifiers recid representing record ID and oaiid representing OAI ID.

UUIDs and PIDs

Objects managed by Invenio use “internal” UUID identifiers and “external” persistent identifiers (PIDs).

Starting from a persistent identifier, you can see which UUID a persistent identifier points to by using the invenio pid command:

$ invenio pid get recid 117
rec a11dad76-5bd9-471c-975a-0b2b01d74831 R

Starting from the UUID of a record, you can see which PIDs the record was assigned by doing:

$ invenio pid dereference rec a11dad76-5bd9-471c-975a-0b2b01d74831
recid 117 None
oai oai:invenio:recid/117 oai

You can unassign persistent identifiers:

$ invenio pid unassign recid 117
$ invenio pid unassign oai oai:invenio:recid/117

What happens when you try to access the given record ID?

$ firefox

You can assign another record the same PID:

$ invenio pid assign -s REGISTERED -t rec -i 29351009-5e6f-4754-95cb-508f89f4de39 recid 117

What happens when you try to access the given record ID now?

$ firefox

Deleting records

If you want to delete a certain record, you can use:

$ invenio records delete -i efac2fc2-29af-40bb-a85e-77af0349c0fe

Beware of any registered persistent identifiers, though.

Loading files

Loading full-text files, such as PDF papers or CSV data files together with the records, will be addressed later.


Describe records, files, buckets.