Communication channels


Most day-to-day communication is happening in our chatrooms:

If you want to join the developer chatroom, just ask for an invite on the public chatroom.


Most of the developer communication is happening on GitHub. You are stroungly encouraged to join team and watch notifications from various organisation repositories of interest.


Invenio Developer Forum

Monday afternoons at 16:00 CET/CEST time we meet physically at CERN and virtually over videoconference to discuss interesting development topics.

You can join our Monday forums from anywhere via videoconference. Here the steps:

Invenio User Group Workshop

We meet among Invenio users and developers from around the world at a yearly Invenio User Group Workshop. The workshop consists of a series of presentations, tutorials, practical exercises, and discussions on topics related to Invenio digital library management and development. We exchange knowledge and experiences and drive forward the forthcoming developments of the Invenio platform.

See list of upcoming and past workshops.

Other meetings

In addition to above meetings where everyone can join, the following meetings exists:

  • Quarterly project coordination meeting with the Invenio project coordinators and architects that help steer the project prioritizes and goals.
  • Weekly architecture meeting.

Project website

Our project website,, is used to show case Invenio.


You can get in touch with the Invenio management team on

In particular use above email address to report security related issues privately to us, so we can distribute a security patch before potential attackers look at the issue.


The official Twitter account for Invenio software is used mostly for announcing new releases and talks at conferences:

Mailing lists

The mailing lists are currently not very active and are primiarly listed here for historical reasons.

Note that all the mailing lists are also archived (as of the 20th of July, 2011) on The Mail Archive.