Auth bundleΒΆ

The auth bundle contains all modules related to account and access management, user profiles, session management and OAuth (provider and client)

Included modules:

  • invenio-access
    • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) with object level permissions.

  • invenio-accounts
    • User/role management, registration, password recovery, email verification, session theft protection, strong cryptographic hashing of passwords, hash migration, session activity tracking and CSRF protection of REST API via JSON Web Tokens.

  • invenio-oauth2server
    • OAuth 2.0 Provider for REST API authentication via access tokens.

  • invenio-oauthclient
    • User identity management and support for login via ORCID, GitHub, Google or other OAuth providers.

  • invenio-userprofiles
    • User profiles for integration into registration forms.

The modules relies heavily on a suite of open source community projects: