Translation guide

Invenio has been translated to more than 25 languages.


All Invenio internationalisation and localisation efforts are happening on the Transifex collaborative localisation platform.

You can start by exploring Invenio project dashboard on Transifex.

Invenio project consists of many resource files which can be categorised as follows:

  • invenio-maint10-messages contains phrases for Invenio 1.0 legacy release series

  • invenio-maint11-messages contains phrases for Invenio 1.1 legacy release series

  • invenio-maint12-messages contains phrases for Invenio 1.2 legacy release series

  • invenio-xxx-messages contains phrases for Invenio 3.0 invenio-xxx module

We follow the usual Transifex localisation workflow that is extensively documented.


All contributions with translating phrases or with reviewing translations are very appreciated!

Please read Getting started as a translator and join Invenio project on Transifex.


Please see dedicated invenio-i18n documentation.