Version 3.0.1

Invenio v3.0.1 fixes several bugs in Invenio v3.0.0.

Bug fixes

  • Invenio-Access: Fixed bug with the any_user-need not being provided by the anonymous identity.

  • Invenio-App: Fixed compatibility issue with latest release of Flask-Talisman.

  • Invenio-DB: Fixed a compatibility issue with newly released SQLAlchemy-Continiuum.

  • Invenio-Search: Fixed a compatibility issue with elasticsearch-dsl>=6.2.0.

  • Pytest-Invenio: Fixed a problem which caused Invenio modules to be loaded despite the related test fixtures not being used, thus causing import errors if the module was not installed.

  • Pytest-Invenio: Fixed a compatibility issue with pytest v3.8.1+.

  • Pytest-Invenio: Fixed a problem with the Content-Security-Policy (CSP) in the default test application.


  • Invenio: Added documentation section on building data models.

  • Invenio-App: Added more relaxed Content Security Policy (CSP) when in DEBUG mode to allow usage of Flask-DebugToolbar.

  • Invenio-App: Added support for loading multiple configuration modules from the invenio_config.module-entry point group instead of only one module. The configuration modules are loaded in alphabetical ascending order based on the entry point name.

  • Invenio-Indexer: Fixed issue that prevented configuration of the bulk indexing parameters sent to Elasticsearch.

  • Invenio-Records-REST: Added support for permission checking on the search REST API endpoint (e.g. /api/records/).

  • Invenio-Search: Added a new configuration variable SEARCH_RESULTS_MIN_SCORE to control minimum score needed in order to include a document in a result set.

  • Invenio-Search: Added a new configuration variable SEARCH_CLIENT_CONFIG to allow control over Elasticsearch connection properties such as timeout and connection class.

Maintenance policy

Invenio v3.0 will be supported with bug and security fixes until the release of Invenio v3.2 and minimum until 2019-06-07.